In the edivisie esports players from the 18 Eredivisie clubs virtually compete for the championship in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. The edivisie is an initiative of the Eredivisie CV and is being launched in association with the 18 Eredivisie clubs, EA SPORTS™ and Endemol Shine Nederland. The edivisie is a unique platform for the Eredivisie and Eredivisie clubs to reach youngsters and increase the involvement of existing fans in their club.

What's globally unique about the structure of the edivisie is that all 18 eSports players are officially part of the Eredivisie clubs. At the beginning of the football season the Eredivisie clubs launched a search for an esports player, who will represent their club in the edivisie. Competitors compete for the national title in two seasons of 17 rounds each.

The competition is broadcast by FOX Sports. The edivisie is broadcast at 4 pm every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on FOX Sports 1 and is available for catch-up on YouTube 48 hours later. The edivisie is sponsored by KPN, PayPal, MediaMarkt, FOX Sports and Radio 538,

You can read more information about the edivisie on www.edivisie.nl