FC Groningen: Pioneer of frame football Published on 2/11/2020

FC Groningen is the first pro-club in the Netherlands where you can play football using a mobility frame. Sergio Padt, goalkeeper and captain of FC Groningen: "It's a great way for the kids to play with others at a similar skill level."

"As a footballer player you're always trying to find your level. For some that's top-flight football while for others it's amateur level. For children with a disability that was always more difficult. This is all about them having fun and they certainly seem to be!", says Padt. 


The power of our football

The video is part of a 25-part video series in which weekly attention is paid to the impact that eredivisie clubs have on society and what this can mean for an individual and his or her environment. FC Groningen is the eleventh club to be featured. The video series is an initiative of the Eredivisie CV, FOX Sports and VriendenLoterij, social partner of the Eredivisie.


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