About the Eredivisie

Since 1997, the eighteen Eredivisie clubs have united in an independent legal form. The Eredivisie CV is mainly engaged in the interests of the Eredivisie clubs at both national and international level. The mission of the Eredivisie CV is to promote the quality of football in the Netherlands under common name and account, including the following:

  • Organizing and taking care of the Eredivisie; 
  • Participating in and in collaboration with Eredivisie Media & Marketing C.V. and third parties, with the aim of optimally exploiting collective Eredivisie rights;
  • Maintaining relationships with similar leagues abroad;
  • Promoting safety in and around the stadiums.

In the national field, the Eredivisie CV works closely with the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) and the First Division (Coƶperatie Eerste Divisie). The KNVB has the role of organizer, regulator and maintainer. The Eredivisie CV is the industry association that represents the rights, interests and position of its members: the 18 Eredivisie clubs.

As part of the exploitation of collective live TV rights, the Eredivisie clubs decided unanimously on 10 March 2008 to create a new way. For the exploitation of the live rights was chosen to set up its own football channel: Eredivisie Live. A new entity was established: Eredivisie Media and Marketing CV (EMM CV).

This joint venture was established by Eredivisie CV and Endemol Sports Investments. From this company, the collective media and sponsorship rights are operated on behalf of the Eredivisie clubs. In 2010, the Royal Dutch Football Association took an interest in EMM and in 2012 FOX International Channels acquired a majority stake. EMM also operates the premium TV channels under the name FOX Sports, as well as the digital base station FOX. FOX Sports is the Netherlands live football channel with the Eredivisie, Jupiler League, KNVB Cup, Bundesliga, UEFA Europa League and a large number of foreign cup tournaments. The NFL and MLB are also live on FOX Sports. FOX Sports is nationally available from all TV providers.

The management of the Eredivisie CV is formed by Alex Tielbeke and Jacco Swart. Eredivisie Media & Marketing CV is led by Marco de Ruiter and Frank Rutten.


The Eredivisie does not limit sight to its own borders. For example, Eredivisie football can be followed in more than 190 countries. In addition, the Eredivisie works closely with the foreign competitions and is affiliated with the Association of European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL). The EPFL is the voice of Professional Football Leagues across Europe on all matters of common interest. The EPFL represents the vast majority of club football employers in the European social dialogue for the professional football sector.

The EPFL, which is an association governed by Swiss law founded in 2005 and based in Nyon Switzerland, traces its origins back to the founding in 1997 of the EUPPFL (Association of European Union Premier Professional Football Leagues).

Originally founded by 14 members: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Scotland, Spain and Sweden. The EPFL now counts 32 professional football leagues and associations of clubs from 25 countries, representing more than 900 clubs from all over Europe.

More information about the EPFL can be read here: https://epfl-europeanleagues.com