Eredivisie gets new logo as of next season Gepubliceerd op 12-5-2017

Next season the Eredivisie (Dutch Premier League) gets a new logo and will introduce the logo during this season’s final round. It heralds a new start at the end of the 60th anniversary year. The new Eredivisie logo will be displayed on the Eredivisie ball for next season, which is traditionally used already during the final round. The logo will also be visible on billboards in the stadiums and during broadcasts of FOX Sports Eredivisie.  

Society and the Eredivisie are evolving, which makes it necessary to renew the logo's look and strength. This is part of the Eredivisie's new positioning. Alex Tielbeke, director of Eredivisie CV, explains: "In the Netherlands the Eredivisie has been the country's greatest sports competition for decades and our competition football also benefits from considerable interest at the international level. Eredivisie matches are broadcast in 186 countries and millions of football fans are familiar with our logo."

"Last season, in relation to the Eredivisie’s 60th anniversary, we used a special jubilee logo, which was based on the former logo. It served as a bridge between the past and the future. The introduction of a new logo is perfectly consistent with the Eredivisie's ambitions for the future."

New logo's characteristics

"For the logo a conscious choice was made to use the link between the 'E' of Eredivisie and the centre circle of the football pitch. It is a powerful logo with a contemporary look. The colours of the Dutch flag are also used in the logo, and in the colour use for the new corporate identity. The stylised 'E' refers to football competitions in both the physical and digital worlds", Alex Tielbeke reveals.

New Eredivisie football

This coming Sunday, the new logo will be visible during the final round. The new Derbystar Eredivisie ball will also be used for the first time. Henk Schiffmacher, designer of the new match ball, will personally hand the ball over to the players of Willem II and Ajax.

New Eredivisie logo animated clip

The Eredivisie's new logo will be gradually introduced over the next few months and was developed by the design agency Dog and Pony. Watch the official animated clip below, which reveals the characteristics of the new logo and corporate identity.


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